AAV-6 Helper Free Packaging System

AAV-6 Helper Free Packaging System

Product details

  • Name: AAV-6 Helper Free Packaging System
  • Size: 1 test kit
  • Catalog no: VPK-406
  • Price: 1084 €

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Extended information

  • This reagent is purified: 0.97
  • Species compatible to: Humans
  • The temperatureerature for storage is: -20ºC
  • We send this reagant on: Blue Ice
  • Use of this test kit or product: Genetics lab
  • Living modified organisme in this reagent or LMO: Not applicable
  • Type of reagent: Viral Expression
  • Molecular weight: in kilo Danlto or kDa
  • Antigen: a specific protein sequence
  • Buffer: The concentration in mg/ml in a 10mM of buffered solution at pH 7 to 7,91
  • Cellular use: pHelper plasmid contains required E2A, E4, and VA RNA adenoviral genes; eliminates the need for a helper adenovirus
  • Related techniques: Viral Expression, Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Expression, AAV Expression and Packaging, AAV Helper Free Packaging Systems
  • SDS or safty data sheet: (VPK-400-DJ through VPK-406) GHS.pdf
  • Protocol information: Packaging System contains packaging plasmids and GFP control vector; co-transfect with separate AAV expression vector containing your gene of interest
  • Use of the reagent: The AAV Helper Free System produces recombinant AAV containing your gene of interest without the need to use a helper adenovirus. The adenoviral genes required for proper AAV packaging are provided in the pHelper plasmid (E2A, E4 and VA RNA) or in the 293 packaging cells (E1).